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cassette to digital service with audio media digitization showing records and cassette tapes

digitizeAudio Media

Preserve your classic audio
memories for many
more decades

Convert your audio cassette tapes and records to digital files.

Now you can preserve the older audio formats you love! Convert audio cassette tapes, 8-tracks, reel-to-reel, and vinyl records to digital-with options for flash drives and digital downloads.

Your Audio Tapes or Records Won't Last Forever

It is easy to accidentally damage vinyls and tapes, causing the quality to deteriorate or stop working altogether. These formats are also vulnerable to damage from the elements.

Locally Transferred inRichmond, Virginia

All this digital converting is performed in Richmond VA, we have an efficient team of people that focuses on your audio, so the quality is the best. Your audio tapes are individually handled with care to ensure the best quality.

Accepted Audio Formats

  • Cassette Tapes
  • Microcassette Tapes
  • 8-Track Tapes
  • Reel-to-Reel (up to 7")
  • Records 78 RPM
  • Records LP 33⅓ RPM
  • Records 45 RPM
Vinyl Record on Turntable

Quick Turnaround & Quality Transfer

Depending on the number of tapes and vinyls that you provide for digitizing, the turnaround time will vary and could take 2-6 weeks or sooner. Once we receive your audio tapes and vinyls, they will be inspected and examined to determine the best method to digitize them. We can't make old audio sound brand new but we will do our best to preserve the quality that is there.

*Please note, older records may require restoration or repair. Estimate provided before or during project.

Cassette Tape Repair

Cassette tapes can get damaged or break due to age. If you bring us a tape and we find that it is broken, we will notify you before repairing it. We have the tools and knowledge to help repair your tape before we transfer it.

EstimateAudio Transfer

Use the form below to get a quick estimate. Prices may vary.

How many audio formats do you have?

$18 ea.
$12 ea.
$22 ea.
$16 ea.
$18 ea.
$12 ea.
$12 ea.
$18 ea.
$24 ea.

How do you want to receive your media?

After your audio has been digitized, we need to place them on a data storage device for you to use.

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We offer CD audio discs upon request. contact us for details.

Add-On Services

We offer various audio enhancement services to help improve the quality of the sound.

Audio Transfer |
Media Types

We digitize four of the most commonly used audio media formats.

Audio Cassette Tape

Cassette Tape

1963 ~ Present

Cassette tapes arrived in the USA around 1964. It wasn’t until 1966 that the first pre-recorded music cassettes were released. It became very popular by the late 1970’s and 1980's with the invention of portable music devices such as boomboxes and the Walkman. Cassettes eventually lost sales to CD’s by the 1990's.

Audio 8-Track Tape


1964 ~ 1983

This sound recording technology was popular in the United States from the mid 1960’s to the early 1980’s, but the 8-track tape was relatively unknown outside of a handful of countries. The main appeal of the 8-track was it did not have to be flipped over, like a vinyl record, to play the alternate set of tracks.

Reel-To-Reel Tape Player


1950's ~ Present

Reel-to-Reel magnetic tape (¼-inch) was first used for professional recordings after 1948. It was backed by Bing Crosby, Les Paul, and many others who saw its potential. By 1958, Reel-to-Reel became available for home use. As it evolved, the quality became better and added additional tracks in the 1970's. It was eventually replaced by the small, portable 'cassette tape' by 1980.

Audio Vinyl Record


1901 ~ Present

Records have entertained and delighted collectors and listeners alike since the early 1900’s. The invention of the cassette tape and the CD caused a major blow to the vinyl market, and there was a continued decline in their sales. However, since 2010 vinyl records have seen a steady resurgence.

Digital Audio File Formats

After your audio has been digitized, we can save it into a common digital format of your choosing.

MP3 File Format at 16bit

MP3 16bit/44.1khz

MPEG Layer III (aka MP3) uses lossy data-compression. This audio format gave life to Video-CD's in the early 90's and made Napster a household name. M4A replaced it around 2007.

M4A File Format at 16bit

M4A 16bit/48khz

Originally designed for the MPEG4 video format, M4A audio (aka ACC) replaced MP3 as the most used audio file format. M4A is used with just about every online music service on the internet today.

WAV File Format at 24bit

WAV 24bit/192khz

Commonly used for storing uncompressed (PCM), CD-quality sound files. Wave files can also contain data encoded with a variety of (lossy) codecs to reduce the file size.

Plus dozens of other digital formats - professional and consumer.

Add+On Audio Services

Do you require something a little more than just an audio transfer? We offer many additional audio processing services to help with restoring or improving your media.

Before Audio Noise Reduction Image
After Audio Noise Reduction Image

Noise Reduction

On audio tracks, noise is unwanted or unpleasant sound that exists along with the desired sound. Our noise reduction process works to remove the unwanted noise from the digitized audio tracks. This does increase the conversion time for each audio track, which is why it is an add-on service.

Audio Equalization Software Image


Equalization has to do with the different levels of frequencies in an audio signal. The most commonly known controls are treble (high frequencies) and bass (low frequencies). This process does increase the conversion time for each audio track, which is why it is categorized as an add-on service.

Audio Editing Software

Audio Editing

As standard practice, we record the full audio from start to finish as-is. However, with our Audio Editing add-on service we can manipulate the audio track’s length, arrangement, volume, and speed. This is done by cutting, pasting, and deleting. Not to be confused with audio production.

transcribe audio into a word doc


New We've added a great new service to help turn your tapes and recordings into a standard text file. Once we have digitized your audio, we then use special software to transcribe it into a computer text file. We can save the transcribed audio as a MS Word document (.docx) or a plain text document (.txt).

Why we are better.

We are a unique business and we can focus more attention and quality to your memories than 'big box' transfer companies.

Safe & Secure

All media is processed in-house in Richmond, VA. We take extra care in handling your media.

30+ Years of Experience

We are media production experts and been converting media into different formats for 30+ years.

We Are Local

Don't worry about your media being sent to another state. We are located in the heart of Richmond, Virginia.

Handle with Care

We carefully handle your media as if it were our own. We return all original media back to you for safe keeping.

Common Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about our audio transfer services.

You only transfer and preserve your personal memories, family history and unique legacy once. Wouldn‘t you rather do it with a company that is dedicated, committed, and specializes in such service, and where you know that your personal content will be dealt with professionally and with care? We think you would.

Your digitized audio files are given back to you either as digital downloads from our website or on a thumb drive. You get to choose one of the two options, more than one option can be chosen at an additional charge(s), for how you would like to receive your digitized audio files.

Digital files for are formated as high quality .M4A, .MP3, .AIFF, or .WAV files depending on your preference. Other audio formats are available as well.

For the best quality, if you send in audio cassettes, each side will be transferred to its own CD, or as a separate file if you opted for a thumb drive or Digital Download.

Yes, you will get back all of your original analog media along with your newly digitized audio files.

We will immediately let you know if we find that one of your tapes or records are blank and discuss what steps to take next. As standard practice, we convert the entire tape as it is because there could be audio at any point on the audio cassette or record. Please note, the processing for tapes takes the same amount of time whether the audio is an hour long or only a few minutes. For this reason, we charge for tape and record conversions per item instead of based upon the length of the audio.

We carefully record each audio tape in one take from start to finish, so we do not seperate audio tracks as part of our standard service. However, we do offer track separation as on of our add-on services.

Our Digitizing Process

Our quick and easy digitizing process begins with you.

Box with old tapes and photos


Drop Off or Mail

You can drop off your media at our office (by appointment only) or you can mail it to us.


Digitizing Begins

We will begin to prepare, transfer or scan your media. This process may take 2 to 6 weeks.

computer with digitized restored old media


Come Get It

Once we are finished, we will set a time to return your memories along with your digitized files.

Testimonials & Reviews

We've helped many families and businesses throughout Virginia and the country.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Easy and timely

It was easy and I got it back in time for my husband’s birthday. Thank you for working with me on such short notice!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Amazed by the quality!

I sent my vinyl records to RVA Rewind, some of which were over 40 yrs old, and they came back in great shape. I had them put my music onto a flashdrive and I was amazed by the quality!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Well done

Well done, easy process.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

You will never know how much this means to me

You will never know how much this experience has meant to me. My dad passed away when I was in my late teens, but he use to sing in a local band back in the day. They had several copies of a demo record made and I ended up with his copy. I never played the record for fear of damaging it. A friend told me about the great experience they had with RVA Rewind, so after some deliberation I decided to contact them. The confidence and assurance I received from them in regards to my precious vinyl record made it easy to decide to use them. Thanks to RVA Rewind, I will be able to listen to my dad’s singing for years to come.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Pleasantly surprised

We had an old box with 25 year old tapes in it and we were pleasantly surprised to see how well they turned out.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Treasures saved for generations to come

My family’s audio and film treasures have been saved for generations to come.