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Stack of photo print slides and photo albums ready for digital scanning and transfer to thumb drive

Scan & Restore Photography
to Digital

Preserve historic photos
and film memories for
the next generation.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Digitizing that picture is worth a thousand more.

Preserve precious family photos that can be passed down for years to come! Digitize prints, slides, and negatives with options for USB flash drives and digital downloads.

Your old photos won't last forever

Photos, slides, and negatives will breakdown over time causing images to fade and quality to deteriorate. These formats are also vulnerable to damage from the elements.

Locally Transferred inRichmond, Virginia

All this digital converting is performed in Richmond VA, we have an efficient team of people that focuses on your videos, so the quality is the best. Your video tapes are individually handled with care to ensure the best quality.

Accepted Photograph Formats

  • Any size print photos
  • Photo Albums
  • Plastic Slides
  • Cardboard Slides
  • Negatives: large and small
  • 110/220 Film
  • APS Film
  • 126 Instamatic Film

Quick Turnaround & Quality Transfer

Depending on the number of photos that you provide for digitizing, the turnaround time will vary and could take 2-6 weeks or sooner. Once we receive your photos, they will be inspected and examined to determine the best method to digitize them. We can't make your old photos look brand new but we will do our best to preserve the quality that is there.

Collage of Print Photos

EstimatePhoto Transfer

Use the form below to get a quick photo estimate. Prices may vary.

How many photos do you have?

50¢ ea.
$1.50 ea.
$2.50 ea.
call for pricing
55¢ ea.
55¢ ea.
Slides and negatives larger than 35mm cost a little bit more to scan. contact us for details.

How do you want to receive your media?

After your photos have been digitized, we need to place them on a data storage device for you to use.

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Add-On Services

We offer various photo enhancement services to help improve the quality of your images.

Photo Transfer |
Media Types

We digitize three of the most commonly used photo formats.

Printed Photos


1800's ~ Present

The first form of a photograph being created was in 1827, but it wasn’t until the early-20th century that roll film developments made it possible for taking black-and-white photographs and natural color to become available to the public. This evolved dramatically in the 1990’s when computer-based electronic digital cameras were invented, revolutionizing the world of photography.

Slide Photos


1935 ~ 2000's

35mm slides are commonly association with slideshow carousels. This involved loading the carousel with slides before cycling through them. The end result was quality family time and a merry-go-round of treasured memories. Nowadays, most people are unable to relive these memories unless they happen to have a working slide projector.

Negative Photos
Negative Scan to Positve image


1800's ~ Present

Negative photography was first created in 1826 by French scientist, Nicephore Niepce. Did you know that the negative film strips that you got back with your developed printed photos actually have much more detail and contrast than the printed version? While digital photography has become the norm in society today, negative photography is still used by many professional photographers today.

*We DO NOT work with undeveloped film, make sure that any negatives you give us have already been developed.

Digital Photo File Formats

After your photos have been digitized, we save them in a common digital photo format of your choosing.

JPG File Format Icon

JPEG .jpg

Joint Photographic Experts Groups (JPEG) is a “lossy” photo format meaning that the image is compressed to make a smaller file. JPEG is a popular image format for digital cameras - making it ideal for web use and non-professional prints.

PNG File Format Icon

PNG .png

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) files are a lossless image format originally designed to improve upon and replace the GIF format. PNG files are able to handle up to 16 million colors, unlike the 256 colors supported by GIF

TIFF File Format Icon

TIFF .tiff

Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) are lossless images files meaning that they do not need to compress or lose any image quality or information, allowing for very high-quality images but also larger file sizes.

Plus dozens of other digital formats - professional and consumer.

Add+On Photo Services

Do you require something a little more than just photo and slide scans? We offer many additional photo editing and photo restoration services to help with improving your photos.

After Photo Repair Image
Before Photo Repair Image

Image Repair

With our photo restoration service we are able to make the digitized versions of your damaged photographs like new! We are able to repair most (but not all) rips, tears, cracks, fold marks, ink/pencil marks, stains, missing pieces, water damage, and photos stuck to glass.

After Photo Dust and Scratch Removal Image
Before Photo Dust and Scratch Removal Image

Photo Dust & Scratch Removal

Defects such as dust spots and scratches can be present on photos, especially when scanning prints, slides, or negatives. This is almost always present on slides and negatives, regardless of their age. With our photo restoration services we are able to fix and restore this on your digitized photos.

Before Photo Color Correcting Image
After Photo Color Correcting Image

Color Correcting Photos

Sometimes as a photograph ages, the colors can fade and turn different colors. this is due to many factors including exposure to UV light, bad film stock or someone using the wrong film type. This is where our color correction photo restoration service comes into play. We are able to lighten or darken the digitized photo and help restore color and skin tones so your image is close to the original photo.

After Photo Noise Reduction Image
Before Photo Noise Reduction Image

Photo Noise Reduction

On photographs, noise is the grain or texture that you can see on prints, slides, and negatives. With our noise reduction photo restoration process we are able to remove most of the grain and noise on your digitized photos. This will help improve the image clarity of your photo.

Why we are better.

We are a unique business and we can focus more attention and quality to your memories than 'big box' transfer companies.

Safe & Secure

All media is processed in-house in Richmond, VA. We take extra care in handling your media.

30+ Years of Experience

We are media production experts and been converting media into different formats for 30+ years.

We Are Local

Don't worry about your media being sent to another state. We are located in the heart of Richmond, Virginia.

Handle with Care

We carefully handle your media as if it were our own. We return all original media back to you for safe keeping.

Common Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about our photo transfer services.

When most people decide to preserve their personal memories by digitizing them, they typically want it done once and not have to re-digitize them every 10 years as technology changes. Wouldn‘t you rather do it with a company that is dedicated, committed and that specializes in such quality service, and where you know that your personal content will be dealt with professionally and with care? We think you would.

A lot of larger transfer companies use older, over-used, worn out equipment that produces sub par quality scans. Not only that but we scan at 2X the resolution as most transfer companies. RVA Rewind has over 30 years experience in transfering analog media to digital formats and we record them at the highest quality possible.

Your digitized photos are given back to you either as digital downloads from our website or on a thumb drive. You get to choose one of the two options, more than one option can be chosen at an additional charge(s), for how you would like to receive your digitized videos.

Digital files on thumb drives are usually formated as JPEG (industry standard) or other picture formats like PNG or TIFF upon request.

Digital Downloads are only available as JPEG or PNG file format.

Upon request we offer DVD’s but usually don’t recomend them as DVD’s are becoming phased out.

Yes, you will get back all of your original photos along with your newly scanned and digitized pictures.

Yes, we will keep your pictures, slides, and negatives in the order that you give them to us and we will do our best to keep your digitized photographs in the same order. Whether you opted for a thumb driveor digital download you will find that the photo files are easy to reorganize to your liking with a computer should a digital photo or two be out of order.

Yes! For an additional charge we offer these add-on services for your digitized photos: color correction, noise reduction, dust and scratch removal, and image repair. We do ask that you clean off any visibly dusty or dirty photos (prints, slides, and negatives) before giving them to us. By doing this you are helping us to be as efficent as possible so we can get your digitized memories back to you faster.

Our Digitizing Process

Our quick and easy digitizing process begins with you.

Box with old tapes and photos


Drop Off or Mail

You can drop off your media at our office (by appointment only) or you can mail it to us.


Digitizing Begins

We will begin to prepare, transfer or scan your media. This process may take 2 to 6 weeks.

computer with digitized restored old media


Come Get It

Once we are finished, we will set a time to return your memories along with your digitized files.

Testimonials & Reviews

We've helped many families and businesses throughout Virginia and the country.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Exceptional quality and detail

The quality and detail is exceptional. My photographs were returned to me just as I sent them. I highly recommend using RVA Rewind and I will DEFINITELY be use them again in the future!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Service is excellent

Great! Service is excellent and so are the results.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Wonderful family memories

Our family really appreciates the wonderful job your company did helping us restore and keep some wonderful family memories.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Thank you!

My daughter told me to bring my old photo album with me when I came to visit her back in the spring. She surprised me by having all of my photos digitized while I was in town. When I got back my album and the digital photos, I was pleasantly surprised to find that every picture in the album was put back in its original place. Thank you!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Plan to use them again

The whole process was perfect. RVA Rewind returned our photos and VHS tapes back in the same condition that they were sent. We plan to use them again for converting more photographs and old VHS home videos.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Outstanding service

Entire experience was well done. Outstanding service.