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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my video tape is blank?Can you enhance or fix my video tape?Do you return my original video tapes? Why choose you and not a large national video transfer company?How do I get my digital video files?My videos are short tapes, do you still charge the same price?What are the video technical specs?Will you keep my video tapes in order?Why choose you and not a large national film transfer company?Do you return my original film? Will you keep my film in dates order?Can you enhance or repair my film?How will I get my film back?What if my film is blank or damaged?My film reels have sound on them, do you convert the sound?Why choose you and not a large retailer that provides photo services?How will I get my pictures back?Do you return my original pictures?Will you keep my pictures in order?Do you offer photo restoration or cleaning?What are the technical specs?What is the scan resolution of your photos?How do I need to pack my photos?Why choose you and not a large national audio transfer company?How will I get my audio back?Do you return my original audio cassettes or reels?What if my audio tape or record is blank?Will my audio tracks be separated?What are the technical audio specs?What file format can you convert my audio music to? Can you enhance or repair my audio tapes?How does it work?What media can I get digitized?How long does it take?What do I get back?What if my disk doesn't work?Do you transfer Iomega Jazz Disks?Can you convert old file formats to newer file formats?Can you transfer a 5¼-inch floppy disk?Can you repair a broken or sratched disk?I own a new computer with USB-C connections. Will your thumb work?